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Walkabout / Roaming

Walkabout (or icebreaker) entertainment (also know as strolling or roaming) is an amazing way to assist your guests in jumping right into the fun part of your event!

Yes – it is exactly as it sounds…. lots of interaction and socialization coupled with entertainment that varies from character to character! Guests are always happy and does this ever start the event out on the right foot.  🙂

To give it a loose definition, walk-around,or strolling entertainment is any type of informal entertainment that is semi-unstructured and takes place up close among people at an event. Normally, this means that attention is gained only by small groups at the event and not by the entire room. Generally speaking it has more of an improvisational element than a regular show and involves a great deal more of direct audience feedback. It is  GREAT icebreaker. A way to allow your guests to get comfortable… let loose and begin to relax and enjoy their evening MUCH faster.

Awesome walkabout entertainment… magician (up close and personal), doing magic, mentalism (mind reading) and fin tricks, a character (famous or iconic… great for pictures and interaction)

Walkabout entertainment is a great way to start an evening’s events.

• Paparazzi • Character / impersonations • Magician • Mentalist • Stilt Walker •

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