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Corporate Events

 BIG Shows!

Impersonations of:

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Austin Powers
  • the Mad Hatter
  • Ironman
  • Charlie Chaplin

...and custom Characters

  • themed Gorilla
  • Greg-gory (zombie)
  • Edwin the nerd
  • Mobster/Hitman
  • ….and more…

• Liven up your Town Hall • Enrich your Board Meeting •
• Draw Traffic to your Trade Show Booth • Conferences •
• Company Special Events and Banquets • Guest Speaker • Emcee •


Every organization holds at least one company/staff holiday and/or appreciation event each year.  Make it an unforgettable evening that keeps your staff talking for weeks afterward.  The magic and Extreme Mentalism of greg T is the key.  Have greg T interacting with walkabout, interactive magic during cocktails, doing an after dinner show, or both, you can be assured that your event will be amazing.

greg suggests:

• walkabout interactive magic during cocktails- to warm up your crowd
• after dinner show featuring ‘greg T’s • HEADstart’ an amazing interactive mind and Extreme Mentalism experience they will never forget.

Business Meetings / Town Halls:

Nobody enjoys the same old boring business meeting time and time again. Imagine the benefits of making your next meeting not only memorable but leaving a lasting imprint. Better retention = better results.  Motivate your company’s employees while reinforcing their responsibilities to help, plan, control, and direct your company.  greg T uses his years of experience as an entertainer, emcee and public speaker to motivate, encourage and empower.  Time frames are up to you – 15 minutes to 45 minutes or more. Presentations can be customized to be meeting / theme specific.

Guest Speaker / Emcee / Conferences:

Motivational speaking is more than just a buzz word it can empower and change attitudes, help gain confidence, improve relationships and lead company successes.  greg T will motivate, inspire, and entertain your company through mentalism and his positive message.

Speaking engagements and emcee duties – greg T keeps things flowing, fun and uplifting.

Trade Shows:

Trade shows have always been a great place to meet your customers face to face and showcase your company in contrast to your competitors. How to stand out and be memorable is the ultimate question – greg T is your answer.

Remember – greg T ‘s knows marketing and advertising and understands what an entertainers ‘job’ is. greg T not only draws the attention of a crowd to your booth area but knows how to ‘sell’ your company and then…. when to let you take the reigns and complete the presentation. Clients leave having enjoyed their experience and more informed about your company.

As an added bonus – greg T is an accomplished graphic designer and can not only assist you with your booth presentation but decor as well. Ask for more details.

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