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Get ready for a CRAZY ride! greg T has performed at hundreds of events throughout North America and is an expert in his field of magic and mentalism. greg T’s ‘HEADstart‘ show is a highly interactive event that involves mind reading (mentalism), magic, comedy, and great audience participation enjoyed by all.

As mentalism becomes more predominant amongst magicians and entertainers throughout the world, greg T takes pride in having many years of study and experience developing his abilities and talents, enabling him to provide crazy / wild entertainment to each audience. Experience and raw ability is his advantage.

greg T can develop his show to fit your event. Looking for a show to launch special weekend rallies, study weeks, spring break, or maybe just a showcase night? Have greg T entertain as only he can! Contact him today for more information.

‘greg T’s • HEADstart’

You’ve been wanting to find that one special show that will not only entertain but amaze. This is it.  Your search is over.  greg T’s • HEADstart‘ is an experience like no other.  This unique show offers the best of what greg does.  Not just a routine to routine based act but a journey that keeps the audience engaged and involved from start to finish. Is it large? greg T works everything from a table, small case with a little music added to the mix.

His show runs 45 – 60 minutes long, no special lighting or sound is needed – just the basics.

greg shows how we all are indeed connected – our similarities bind us together and with focus, enables us to experience things like we have never done before.

In  ‘HEADstart‘ greg T performs amazing acts of mentalism such as, predicting a random time selected by an audience member, teaching a man to read a woman’s mind,  drawing a picture only THOUGHT of by a spectator and even reading 5 volunteers minds not once but twice!  ’HEADstart‘ is a crazy combination of serious mind reading, hilarious laugh-out-loud comedy, and a fascinating journey into human connections.


Free Promotion for your event!

Every show includes full color posters to promote the show – all downloadable from this website. greg T will customize your promotional materials at no extra cost as well – just ask.

greg believes in doing what it takes to make your event a success. His background in marketing  and design enables him to understand what it takes to make both his show and the promotion FOR the show – work. For evening shows – how about adding some walkabout during the day in the food court or halls? impromptu shows to bring in the crowd  🙂

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