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EXTREME Mentalism

See for yourself:

This video was shot Saturday, July 27, 2013 in Calgary, AB. – A sample of greg T’s Extreme mentalism show – HEADstart.

In this featured clip the volunteer has freely chosen a card that was written on by an audience member. Only the volunteer has seen the card.

Definition – ‘mentalism’:

1. Parapsychological activities, such as telepathy and mind reading.
2. The belief that some mental phenomena cannot be explained by
physical laws.

  • Put into the hands of a professional entertainer and it becomes an experience like no other.
  • Prepare for an evening of fun and amazement as you join with greg T in several experiments and unbeleivable demonstrations of the mind.
  • The entire audience will participate in what can only be explained as unexplainable feats. You will laugh, applaud and, at times, stare with disbelief at the events witnessed on stage.
  • No plants or preset guests are part of the show.
  • Each volunteer will be randomly chosen and the results will be talked about for days afterward.

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