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How long have you been doing this?

I have been entertaining since at least 1986. By ‘entertaining’ I mean everything from fronting a band to character acting to my work as a mentalist!

What is mentalism anyway?

Mentalism is, in all basic form, mind reading. Mentalism done by an entertainer can include amazing mind reading exhibitions and mental manipulations such as bending of cutlery, glasses etc…  Ultimately, a great mentalism show is and entertaining and mystifying event shared by the entertainer and audience.

Do you consider mind reading a talent or gift?

To be perfectly honest – I have fun with it. I have always believed that we are all given specific abilities and our job is to use them best we can for others.

Mind reading is against my beliefs. Does that not bother you?

I am a former youth pastor and do understand and respect other peoples beliefs even if they do not correspond with my own. I try to look at what I do as very fascinating entertainment and strive to be a great entertainer. My show is fun and if some people cannot be a part of that I do respect their choice.

Can you tell me the next winning lottery numbers?

I don’t believe in manipulating contests for personal gain. Let’s face it – if you ‘cheat’ to win then we really do not appreciate what we have received. I prefer to close my mind to these things and make the journey more adventurous and fun.

Have you always been able to read minds?

Mind reading is a cultivated and built on ability. I have always been intuitive and, from a young age, been able to ‘sense’ peoples feelings and ideas. By continually working on this I have grown in my abilities and use this in my show – ‘HEADstart’

Can you read minds anytime you want?

Unfortunately, the things I do in my show are not something I can just do or replicate anytime I want. Being a mentalist is actually quite difficult and a challenge. It takes alot of preparation and lots of energy is put into each show.  The concentration and focus needed to pull off the best show I can for my audience means preparing several hours if not days ahead of time. Some mentalists meditate prior to shows, or spend time alone backstage before the beginning of the show to focus their thoughts. This is why I am usually very tired after the ‘HEADstart’ show.

Can you always read minds or does it ‘shut off’ sometimes?

Mind reading is a very intricate thing. Sometimes things are VERY clear and revealed as though reading a book. Other times things are cloudy and only small bits of information come through. Those days make the show alot of work. 🙂

Does having your mind read hurt?

Definitely not. In fact, it can be quite relaxing and enlightening

Do only young entertainers do real mind reading?

Not at all. In fact, as we age we get much better in our abilities and presentations

Do you do kids shows?

Sure do!!! – I have shows for kids, shows for adult crowds and family oriented shows as well. I actually started my event entertainment as a clown many, many years ago. As a result, my kids show involves quite a bit of comedy and really enables the kids to laugh LOTS!

What is different in your adult shows then? They ARE different right?

Definitely! Adults are not only a different audience than kids in age but in what entertains them as well. It definitely takes a seasoned entertainer to be able to entertain both audiences well. Sure, then can be some crossover but very little. That said – my Extreme Mentalism show ‘HEAD start’ is the perfect adult entertainment.

What do you mean by ‘Adult’ shows?

No worries. I do not do blue humor and keep it pretty clean. Sure there are innuendos in my show but I do not get crude or rude. Entertainment should be fun, thrilling, mystifying and leave the audience with a sense of wonderment and intrigue not shock and embarrassment.

Do you work like the rest of us?

I was told from a very young age that “if you take something you love and make it your ‘job’ you’ll never work a day in your life” I have always believed this and enjoy entertaining, doing web design, marketing and branding as part of what I do. So no… I don’t work like you might think ?

Ever been on television?

Yup! I’ve done a featured live spot on City TV’s breakfast television – have appeared in commercials (see the videos section of the site), done VoiceOver work and I do some acting when I can.

Where is home?

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but love to travel

What new things are you working on?

There are several, that’s for sure. I’m writing an e-book on the entertainment business and how to ‘make it’, developing some routines that I plan to sell on my site for the newer magicians / mentalists and, as always, learning more techniques that make the show new and even more amazing


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