Mentalism… a Definition

I find that I am often asked what 'mentalism' really is and what being a mentalist is all about. Many people confuse what I do with hypnotism. So - here's what I do  🙂 First of all, let me say that I am definitely the premier mentalist in the Calgary and surrounding...

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Trends – they’re NOT going away….

I'm going to make this entry short but sweet. Those who know me know that this is not likely.   🙂 I am rather tired of hearing about this 'social media fad'. The connotation around the word 'fad' alone drives me crazy. It's used by people who either do not understand...

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I’m Frustrated….

I've been thinking about the point of having a blog on the site and have gotten a bit frustrated in the process. Let me explain. I want to share ideas and thoughts with you. That is without question. I enjoy finding out more about companies and individuals who's sites...

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When I’m not entertaining…..

It was a very good entertaining weekend! I met some great people and managed to have a very good time as well. This brings me to a question I get asked quite often. At the end of a show, walkabout gig or gag-o-gram (which I do occasionally now), someone will often ask...

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