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Who says that the class clown is destined for failure?

gregT_Aboutgreg T was raised by his single mother in Southwestern Ontario. With finances always being an issue greg learned the real value of relationships and entertainment. Excelling as an artist he held close to the value of art/entertainment and worked his art as a singer/songwriter – developing his stage presence and ability to read an audience. Always continuing his self studies in sociology, psychology, and human behavior he quickly became ‘in tune’ with those around him. As a designer he has often been told how amazing it is that he can ‘read peoples minds’ when it comes to what they are wanting…. if they only knew.  🙂

greg T has been a very successful entertainer for over [magicdate]1986[/magicdate] years.

History – School & Stage: greg is a well educated and accomplished marketer, graphic artist as well as an entertainer. He began his career early on earning exceptional grades in his art programs, becoming part of many school plays, dramatic presentations and grabbing the lead role in several. He served as the Minister of Activities in his Ontario high school (acting president much of his term). In this position he further explored drama and comedy as a method of stirring up interest in events, finding it to be hugely successful.

Later he spent over 6 years as lead singer in bands around Southern Ontario, mainly in the Toronto area. This refined his ability to read an audience and to be able to play to almost any crowd. Then he moved …. in Calgary, Alberta greg was introduced to children’s teaching and entertaining through his home church where he began doing several characters teaching through entertainment and object lessons. greg now travels, doing his show and entertaining at events all over as an EXTREME  MENTALIST / MAGICIAN, IMPERSONATOR, CHARACTER ACTOR and all round ENTERTAINER ….. need entertainment – greg does it … and does it well!.

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