Yeah – we’ve all heard this saying / quote many times over I’m sure. The thing is…. I don’t believe it in the least bit.

Many people feel that we will ‘by chance’ happen to be somewhere where something extraordinary will happen to us and it is simply a result of random placement that it added up to the good fortune we received. Yeah… not a chance.

I believe that things do not happen by chance. Not to say that they are orchestrated by a grand puppet master as that would remove our freedom of choice, but I believe that we yearly / daily / hourly prepare ourselves for the fortune that occurs from time to time in our lives.We are where we are as a result of how and what we’ve done in our past that has brought us to that point.

It is natural and all to normal for real people to stop occasionally and think to themselves ‘Do I really belong here? How did I get here?’ when looking at their position in life. My answer to those questions is ‘yes’ and ‘you walked toward this point in your life all your life. This is where you were heading’ Now this may not be the end of the journey but it is most definitely as a result of the path that you chose to walk. That path may have been difficult at time, true. But the truth is that IF you worked through the rough areas and corrected yourself in the midst of your journey, you are most definitely on the way to the position that you should have.

Don’t let your doubts about yourself or the world around you keep you from being what you were meant to be. Focus, leanr and grow and you will be exactly where you should be.

Odds are very strong that the people around you are both, asking the same questions and looking at you as someone who definitely belongs there.