I find that I am often asked what ‘mentalism’ really is and what being a mentalist is all about. Many people confuse what I do with hypnotism. So – here’s what I do  🙂

First of all, let me say that I am definitely the premier mentalist in the Calgary and surrounding area if not the country. This is not to be an ego trip or artificially inflate my abilities. My clients can attest to my abilities and I am certain would recommend me for virtually any show or venue. What I do involves mind reading, prediction and manipulation of the mind, objects and/or thoughts of others.

Sounds scary now doesn’t it?  🙂

This is something I have spent many years, most of my life in fact, practicing, refining, focusing and refining to the point that only recently was I confident enough to write my entire show around this ability. It began with interest in people and basic human psychology and has grown from there.

To understand mentalism I ask you to answer this question, have you ever experienced deja vu? Some stats say that at least 60% of people asked have had some sort of deja vu experience. In my experience this number is likely much higher. Deja vu comes from the French meaning literally “already seen”. It is that experience we have of having been somewhere before when this could not possibly be the case. I have personally experienced this many times in my life and still do. With so many people experiencing this it only makes sense to think that we all must have some sort of common ground and common bond or connection. That we all have untapped areas in our minds that are triggered from time to time showing us a glimpse of that connection.

What would happen if we could control that?

I believe that people, the human race if you will, are all connected by a commonality. We are all ultimately very similar in our makeup and have a deep rooted bond that cannot fully be explained by science or general observation. There are explanations available mind you. Google it. 🙂 This commonality binds us together. Being able to concentrate and understand ones own mind and how it works is the first and main step in understanding this bond.

IF someone could control their mind and what it saw and IF that person were able to focus on the signals and messages that were bombarding them every second then MAYBE they would be able to ‘see’ others thoughts. MAYBE they could successfully predict future events to a greater or lesser extent. Maybe – maybe not.

Prophetic I am not. I have limited abilities or talents that I use for entertainment purposes only. It is fun and this is all I will use what I have learned for.

So please – if you have the opportunity to witness my show, drop me an email or write a testimonial for the site. I would love to read what you have to say. Even if I already knew what that was.  🙂