It was a very good entertaining weekend! I met some great people and managed to have a very good time as well.

This brings me to a question I get asked quite often. At the end of a show, walkabout gig or gag-o-gram (which I do occasionally now), someone will often ask how long I have been doing what I do and how much I tend to get paid for it. Sure, it definitely seems like an amazing paycheck but there’s some details that most people fail to think about. So – I thought I’d cover some here.

• Ever wonder what an entertainer does when not entertaining? Well – here’s a picture of my weekend. That’s right, weekend. That’s when an entertainer is busiest – that and evenings. This can make social time very difficult to say the least. So – Saturday I woke up bright and early for a community event which I donated much of my time as it was a fundraiser. The show began at 8am. So, to get there on time / set up and be ready to go at 8 I needed to get up at 6:45 latest. Yup…. tired. Not bad though as I did get my coffee 🙂 It was fun and I did get to meet and work with some great people. Once that was done… home to work on some graphics and webDesign (marketing / my other passion and business). Some running around for business related things – have dinner and then get ready for the evening show. This involved packing all my show props, getting changed and dressed as per the event (this time Austin Powers – next time… who knows). Then – a few minutes to review my routines and mentally prep myself for the evening. Off I go – / do the show (rocked BTW – had some GREAT responses and laughs). Then… home to shower, change and wind down so that I can get to sleep…. eventually. I think that was about 11:45pm. LONG DAY!

• Next day…. after sleeping in a bit… back to work on some marketing and webDesign for my clients.

• Evening…. practice some of the new magic I ordered for the upcoming season so that the show will still rock.  🙂

Believe it or not – I’m not complaining about what I do. I love it! This is just the truth about what an entertainers life is like. If it were a 9-5 job then I think I may get more sleep…. or, being an entrepreneurial type…. work on another side company  🙂